Oregon BEST Commercialization Grant Awarded to Walking Point Farms

Walking Point Farms, in collaboration with Oregon State University soil and seed labs, has been awarded a $150,000 commercialization grant by Oregon BEST.¬†Focusing on the continued development of Walking Point Farms’ Biochar based seed coatings and soil amendments, the grant provides for important research to demonstrate and promote the benefits of Walking Point’s products.

Oregon BEST Grants are awarded to companies that have:

  • potential to expand the base of leading-edge cleantech research in the Oregon University System
  • potential to result in novel cleantech products or services
  • potential to create a new cleantech company in Oregon
  • potential to grow the base of cleantech jobs within existing Oregon companies
  • the uniqueness and viability of the technology and/or the application
  • the size, growth, and timing of the market for the innovation
  • potential for acquiring defensible intellectual property
  • potential for establishing and maintaining technical and commercial differentiation
  • ability for the grant to propel the recipient to an important developmental milestone

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