Howard Boyte

CEO / Partner

Howard’s experience as Chief of Logistics at Portland Fire and Rescue along with his invaluable service of 26 years to our community there has molded him into a great leader at Walking Point Industries. He is driven and has the vision to find efficient and affordable solutions to every need proposed by our customers.

Howard Boyte grew up outside of Tigard, Oregon and is now living in Scholls, Oregon. After attending several years at the University of Oregon he entered the Marine Corp in 1968, where he was later discharged as a combat wounded Vietnam Veteran. Upon returning to Oregon, he attended Portland State University receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in History. He entered into a 26 year career with Portland Fire and Rescue culminating with command experience in purchasing and supply chain management. Through his career in dealing with local, state and federal governments he obtained valuable experience to help guide your enterprise.

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