WPF has partnered with ROI Equipment to offer a wood conversion system like no other on the market. Offering mobile, high volume conversion to biochar at very low cost, ROI Air Curtain Carbonizers are unparalleled in their capabilities. Able to quickly carbonize whole unprocessed wood and vegetative debris such as stumps, logs and brush into a high value end product, our systems maximize efficiency and minimize environmental impact.

  • Land Clearing / Forestry Debris
  • Municipal Yard Waste
  • Construction and Demolition Waste
  • Agriculture
  • Natural Disasters
  • Primary and Secondary Mill Residues
  • Municipal Solid Waste

WPF offers the most advanced, cost effective and environment-friendly wood and vegetative debris conversion systems ever built. Operating on principals not used in other debris systems, our systems can convert wood and other suitable biomass into high quality biochar at high-throughput rates.